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Motherhood Is {July Edition} Giving them a Summer they will never forget

There is a permanent dirt ring around our bathtub and instead of enraging me, this makes me smile. It’s a veryView full post »

Motherhood Is {May Edition} Taking the Oxygen Mask First

Have you ever read the Emergency protocol pamphlets on an airplane where they give you instructions on what to do inView full post »

Motherhood Is {April Edition} If you Can’t Beat em, Join em!

Listen, this is important, I learned a very valuable lesson this week about my state of mind through this crazy rollerView full post »

Motherhood Is {March Edition} Feeling like a Failure

Sometimes feeling like a complete failure. Today was one of those days where I completely felt like I hadView full post »

Motherhood Is {January edition}

embracing the wonderful crazy world of all things boy! As a mother of 3 wonderfully energetic little boys there areView full post »

Motherhood Is…

Playing nurse. With three littles that still put their hands in their mouths constantly it is inevitable they areView full post »