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A Year of Stories {Week 32} A Moment with Myles

For this week I was going to post all about our amazing summer adventures we have had, because there have been so many,View full post »

A Year of Stories {Week 28} Cloud watching and Watermelon snacks

You two love watermelon! And I love watching you eat watermelon! Today was a quiet morning, we decided to enjoy ourView full post »

A Year of Stories {Week 27} Our Annual trip to Darien Lake

“358 more days!” That is what Paxton said to me this morning while eating breakfast. He is already countingView full post »

A Year of Stories {week 25} This week was magic

This week has just been pure magic! I really can’t describe it any other way! We have just been loving everythingView full post »

A Year of Stories {Week 24} My least favourite room

This past week the bathroom was my least favourite room. Usually I love the bathroom, it’s bright and clean andView full post »

A Year of Stories {Week 23} Baking cookies

Baking cookies used to be a weekly event at our house. This year has been a little different because I’m just soView full post »