About the Artist

Meet AnnMarie


Hey There! I’m so happy you stopped by to check out One 33 Photography! I’m AnnMarie, I’m a mommy to 3 beautiful little boys! I love everything about photography but most of all I love that I can use my camera to hold on to a memory for years on end. I’m a natural light photographer that just gets giddy about photographing you and your loves.

I often get asked what exactly does One 33 represent? Well folks, One 33 is actually the address of my first home. To me, my home is so much more than a roof over my head. This home is where all of my dreams came true. Since I was a little girl all I ever wanted was to be a mommy. Very shortly after we bought our home at One 33 I became pregnant.  9 months later, I gave birth to my 1st son and that is when my photography journey really first began. Because of these little boys, I turned what was already a hobby into an obsession. I became fixated on catching every little moment these boys experienced. But I didn’t just want to have a picture, I wanted to capture the exact feelings, thoughts, smells, and sounds of that moment. To do that, I needed to capture a GOOD picture.  I began to immerse myself in online courses, tutorials and eventually I landed a mentor ship with two amazing photographers that helped me figure out my path and my photography style.

One 33 has so much meaning for me, it’s a place I call home, its a feeling of love, it sounds like contagious giggles and little feet running and chasing, it smells like cinnamon buns (those are my fav!) and it makes me at ease. I hope that when you look through my work, my images emulate those feelings. When I go into any session, I like to think that I create the same atmosphere of my home, of love, comfort and joy.

I can’t wait to get to know you and help you capture those same feelings with you and your loves!