Monthly Archives: May 2016

Life Unscripted {May edition} Summer Loving!!

Ahhh the weather has finally warmed up and I think it’s safe to say it’s summer and it has been glorious!View full post »

A Year of Stories {Week 21} Summer is here!

Summer is my absolute favourite season now that I have kids. There is just so much joy and colour and love and laughterView full post »

Motherhood Is {May Edition} Taking the Oxygen Mask First

Have you ever read the Emergency protocol pamphlets on an airplane where they give you instructions on what to do inView full post »

Project 366 {April Favs}

I’m still going strong with my picture a day project! April has come and gone and we finally got to welcome theView full post »

A Year of Stories {Week 18} Mothers Day

This past Sunday we celebrated Mothers Day. For me, mothers day is a time to reflect on all the gifts I have beenView full post »

A Year of Stories {Week 17} The Brother Bond

Tonight after supper, while eating his desert, my middle guy Levi told us a story of how he was being picked on by aView full post »