Sunny Saturday Morning with the Gregory’s | London Ontario Family Photographer

This is the story of typical sunny Saturday morning for the Gregory’s.   I was lucky enough to be asked to come capture their morning simply making breakfast and spending some quality time together. I captured so many AWESOME moments.  We made very yummy, and might I add crunchy, pancakes, enjoyed some laughs, made a little mess, okay maybe a big mess, and then we went for a gorgeous stroll in their neighbourhood! I just love getting invited into other peoples homes and capturing the beauty of the ordinary!  I caught adorable giggles, a strong bond between father and daughter and an ever so adorable love of vacuuming!  Below are a few of my favourite moments captured, but if you want to see some extraordinary moments you will have to scroll to the bottom of this post and watch the slideshow!



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A Sunny Saturday Morning with the Gregory’s


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